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Feminazis. The stupid kind of Nazi.
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Below are the 14 most recent journal entries recorded in A place where Feminists learn their place.'s LiveJournal:

Tuesday, September 27th, 2005
5:45 pm
Brothers, and sister, we's gots ourselves a new personage who's joined up! Pussincute, I think, but my memories turning to mush. Which is also why I haven't ranted lately. I've been to wasted from the long walks, the push ups, and the workage to really feel much more than a mild dis-like towards feminazi's. But hey, go figure.

Anyway, welcome to our somewhat small out of the way community for people who fight the good fight against stupid, fucked up wenches(And the man-bitches who support them) who should all have their genitals mutilated in some horrible fashion involving fire.

Well, it's either that, or they take over the world and mutilate my genitals. And I'd rather not have that happen to ping and pong.

So yeah. Welcome, Pussincute!
Thursday, August 11th, 2005
1:01 am
Join the crew, ethereal_entity!
Granted, she's a woman. Also, she seems to think she's some kind of fairy. But, she's part of our rather mottled and peice-meal Holy Army for two reasons.

She's a couple of years younger than me. Clay, ready to be molded in the Female-Feminazi-Destroyer.

And, can you not see the Irony in having a wench, (Trust me, you'll get used to me saying that. It's not used as an insult. Well.. Rarely.)

And okay, there's another reason. So I guess this is three. She gave me three good reasons to let her join. Hell, anyone who's going to actually think up reasons to join this Army, is worth the time of day, at least.

So, Heil to thee, the infantry! And, uh, welcome, and stuff.

... I've worked today, my brain's a little fried. But now for one of those action-packed attacks on Feminazi's!

Here's some pillaged stuff from a community:

'and i just said the word "lesbian" and it automatically went "*******"
is it such a sin to be a LESBIAN?! WHAT THE FUCK I AM SO PISSED OFF...
oh and my friend 's a lesbian and she's going to church..and now she's not sure if it's a sin to be a LESBIAN
oh my GOD...
this society needs to wake the fuck up

Well, maybe, you stupid Feminist Cock-slave, it could be to stop people typing in 'Gay,' or maybe 'Fag', or yes, that almightly word, 'Lesbian.' Why? You know, TO STOP PEOPLE USING THEM AS INSULTS IN WHATEVER FUCKING GAME YOU'RE PLAYING! Jaysus christ on crutches, wench! Do you not have a brain inside your thick, hairy skull? Maybe hiding somewhere just past those massive hairs sticking out the sides of your head?

Lessee what else we canne find.

So yeah i'm really fucking pissed. Why do only girls get called sluts and hoe and whores? I know things are changing a little because now some guys are being called whores and stuff, but no one takes it seriously. And another thing, i'm pissed that the terms even exist or that they are even a bad thing. What is so wrong about sex, and how come women are targeted? Why is it so "horrid" about women having sex?

There's a nice one. Now, let's start off at the start, shall we? Tis a very good place t'start! Actually, y'broad, Girls aren't the only ones to be called slut(s), Hoe(s), and Whore(s). Men do indeed get called that. Hell, I know a few man sluts. It'strue, it's true. Why do Guys always get called 'Buddy', 'Bastard', or 'Fuckhead'? Go figure, I say. How do you know no one takes it seriously? Are you implying that you know everyone in the world? Well, granted. Chances are, you've prolly slept with at LEAST half of them. Have fun with those Crabs thar.

What's so wrong about having sex? Nothing. What's so horried about women having sex? Nothing. What's so wrong about LIVING FOR FUCKING, and or FUCKING MANY PARTNERS IN ONE NIGHT? If you can figure that out, you're stupid. Considering most women who do that, and who don't get paid for it, they're not smat enough to get the guy to put on a Condom. Thus, they're helping spreading sexual sicknesses. What's that, Ms' Mary-Jean-Rotten'crotch? Can't keep your legs closed? Sucks to be you!

In more ways that one. Har. I made a pun.

Whelp, that's about it.Granted, it was a bit half hearted, but you've gotta let the Enemy think you're weak every now and again.
Tuesday, August 9th, 2005
12:52 pm
We have a new member! Jooy
Welcome, Starsandstraps, to the most enlightened community in these here parts! To fight against this rising tide of bullshit that spews from the mouths of women(Yes, That's woMEN. Spell it right, you fuckwads) And, I've recently discovered, ball-less, or gay, men everywhere!

So yes. Just don't type like a monkey, or spew Feminazi bullshit, and we'll all get along fine in this here world.

On this note, this reminds me of something. One of my friends is wanted to date this chick, and she's a.. That's right. A Feminazi. She's got the badges and mind set that all men should be castrated and turned into some sort of Ashtray. Why? Because she is stupid.

Also, she has a boyfriend. Which also endorses the point I make, that all Feminists love money shots. But! He has removed his balls for her(In the spirtual sense) and is also a feminist. Which, in turn, leads me to think that he's just a cover, so no one finds out about her full-blown lesbianism.

The world today, eh? Full of dickwads and smegheads. Let's go lynch some Feminists. You know you want to. And if you don't.. Well, then have a coffee, and cake. It's either that, or having sex with a Zebra. Your choice.

(Sidenote: Anyone who chooses to have sex with the Zebra will be lynched once we're through with the Feminists.)

Current Mood: Giving the Evils to Feminists.
Tuesday, June 28th, 2005
2:38 pm
Monday, June 27th, 2005
10:47 pm

There we have it. If someone's said it better than me.. Well, I'll post a link to their webpage. Enjoy, Poppets.
Sunday, June 26th, 2005
2:27 pm
This is so true...

If someone else has said it good, then just use what they say. It makes life easier, and you get the idea you wanted to convey. So there y'go.
Friday, June 24th, 2005
10:02 am
Lookit this...
All these seemingly "polite" ideas are really just widening the gap between the sexes.
"Don't swear in front of a woman" - why? Women don't swear? Women are too "delicate" to handle rough language?
"Now, don't forget, son, pull out her chair for her" - Is she incapable of doing this by herself?
"Hold the door open for the lady" - Again, is she disabled or something?
"Carry her bags"
"Give her your jacket"

Also, she goes on to say why 'Should men not be allowed to hit women? What? They're too weak to take a punch?'

Now for some honest answers: Yes, women are. I could hit a woman, and unless she was built like a brick shit house, which, let's face it, are few and far between, and she'd be spitting out her teeth for the next week. I could fracture cheeks, smash noses, and shatter jaws.

Now, I'm not saying that it's because I'm hardCORE strong, or because I've done martial arts. I'm 90KGs, right? I know how to put that behind a good, solid punch. Most guys, they've been knocked around a bit, so they can take it. A blonde skank, or a hairy feminazi? Nien, they simply couldn't take my shot. It's a fact: Women weren't made to rush out there and fight fights, and protect the home. If they where, they'd put on muscle just as easliy as Men.

Sexist? It's in our fuckin' Genes, you dumb bitch. Think about it a few times.

Once more, the above stuff is stupid, STUPID feminists reading too much into things. Oh noes! I can't pull a chair out for a lady! They might be weak! Or it might be a sign of respect, dumbass.

God. The stupid makes my brain hurt.
Thursday, June 23rd, 2005
12:17 pm
Wow. Skills.
i get so pissed off that when i, a female, spends any amount of time with a male, people feel like asking if we're dating!! wtf?! why can't a man and woman be FRIENDS without sex being at all involved?! it happens almost all the fucking time

------- Taken from a Feminist community.

Well, what do you expect? Everyone asks that. Guess what? They do it to Guys, too, so you're not special. Nice typing skills, though, I'll give you that much. Really nice typing.

For a five year old.

Of course a man and women can be friends. What, do you feel threatened? Maybe the guy who kept asking you this stuff actually /liked/ you? Y'know, it'd look pretty stupid if he just asked you out without finding out if you've got a Boyfriend.

Or maybe he's taking the piss. People do that.

Wake up to the world.

And suck a cock.
12:03 pm
Mine is the blade of justice!
Yes, it's me here again, to totally blow away the foul whispered words of the Feminazi's. I wonder. I really wonder.

Do you think that the only reason there're Feminazi's, is 'cause they where beaten/treated like shit by their male counterparts? But where too stupid to leave them, due to their love of cock?

And then, once they left them, they became bitter and nasty. Because they where lacking real cock for a period of time. And no man would give it to them. Why? Would YOU have sex with a hairy woman, built like a shit brick house?

I know I wouldn't. One: Because they're hardcore hairy. Two: Because I'd be worried about them breaking me in two, if I said 'Hey, cook me some eggs.' It'd happen, I know it.

One thing I think the world can agree on, however, is that Feminazi's are the stupidest kind of Nazi. After all, it took the Nazi-Nazi's, what, four years or so to take over a country?

And the Feminazis're just sittin' there, bitchin' an' whingin', and killing drunken male hobos.
Tuesday, June 21st, 2005
8:48 pm
If I haven't seen a bigger pile of shit. Really. Now, I take some pretty huge dumps. I'm talking about the kind of dumps that grow legs, arms, and a brain, and start raping and pillaging their way across the city.

That, is a bigger pile of shit than anything I've done. Really. It is. I mean, I'll get along to picking it apart and how badly the stupid hurts my brain....

Once I've slept, and found time. As it is, read it yourself. And.. The stupid will stab you in the face. IN THE FACE.
6:47 pm
Also, there's a new word for all the Feminists out there:
It is: Womaning.
Definition: Behaving in an extremely emotional manner
6:38 pm
Things to remember.
1: It's not Rape. It's a wrestling match, coupled with surprize sex.

2: Two people? It's still not rape. It's a Tag team.

3: A gang? It's surprize sex with many partners. Think a battle royal. With a surprize.

Rules for Feminism:

1: Read too much into things.

2: Pack a shit when you, as a Feminist, don't get everything you want.

3: Love the cock. But never admit it.

4: Always say you won't pay for sex, and that it's degrading. But be a mistress on the side.

5: Never shave. Anywhere.

6: Never clean your teeth.

7: Bulk up with steriods. After all, violence solves every agrument.

8: Break small man-things. Then eat their flesh. One day, you too, can be a real man!

9: Never shut up.

10: Only eat your greens, once you've eaten the cock.

And thus, we have the rules of Feminism. More to come, of course.
5:27 pm
Welcome Fef.
The newest Member of our little community. Now, I'm not sure how much rage he has in him for women, and Feminists, but we'll find out if he posts.

Also, everyone so far in gets a little introduction like that.

That may change, as this community becomes massively popular. Because everyone wants to find out the truth about Feminazi's.
3:37 pm
Whelp, here we are, my children.
Here we are. A group set out to destroy this feminism bullshit, and to make them hurry up and make up their minds about anything and everything.

Why am I doing this? Why I am starting a community like this? Well, after reading some of the communities out there, I've become rather pissed off. Such things as 'I was so angry at him for holding the chair out for me to sit down on! HE WAS IMPLYING THAT I AM WEAK!'

No, he was implying that you're a stupid bitch, who gives handjobs for smack. Either that, or else he really cares for you. But no. You had to read too far into it.

This is the truth with almost all Feminazi's, and Feminists. They read too much into things. Somethings, yes, are bad. But guess what? Most of the things these sorts of people blow up are small things. Things no one cares about.

Things people over look. What's that? Your Boyfriend constantly makes cracks about queers, and women, and how they should all stay in the kitchen? Well, not only is that cocksucker you're dating right, He's AWESOME! Because that's the damned truth. Feminists should stay in the kitchen. And cook eggs.

But of course, every Feminist and her poodle(All Feminists have poodles. It makes them think they look cute) are going to jump up and down.

Well, guess what? I don't think they can comment in this journal. I figured it was only fair. Why, you ask? Well, let's have a look at the other Feminist communities..

Why! It's true! They almost all disallow posting. Of course, these communities will say it's to 'stop Trolls'. But really, they don't want their lies, and bullshit, exposed to the world. Now, some of you, mostly the women, are going to shout and point and say 'But God! You don't want your bullshit lies exposed either!'

But.. They're wrong. Really, they are.

Current Mood: accomplished
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